Resources: Helpful Websites and References

-This site is helpful if a parent suspects their young child may be autistic.  It provides valuable information that
should be communicated with your child’s pediatrician. Write down any signs you observe to take to appointment.
-Good, unbiased introduction to autism for parents.  This site includes information on treatment, diagnosis, and


-Provides information about specialized programs and resources through the government for adults or parents coping with disabilities.
-Tons of information about local services, various forms of therapy, forums, and an event calendar pertaining to
programs and conferences taking place throughout the country.
-Great site for advocates or supporting research.
-Unbiased information and education.  Tons of streaming videos, expert advice, forums, and research news.
Other References:



-Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism: A manual for parents and professionals by Catherine Maurice, editor, Gina Green, editor & Stephen Luce, editor. (Austin: Pro-Ed, 1996).



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